The North Louisiana Agri-Business Council is a non-profit corporation and has as its specific objectives the following:

  • To advance, promote, foster and encourage the agricultural, forest, civic, industrial, commercial, professional and general welfare of the North Louisiana area.
  • To encourage and promote a closer mutual understanding between farmers and farm business organizations.
  • To formulate and execute group activities aimed at improving relations with general farm organizations, federal and state education and research officials, and to work for more economical and efficient handling of agricultural products and supplies and farm business services.
  • To support proposed federal, state and local legislation deemed to be in the best interest of Agri-business and to approve such legislation considered to be favorable to such interests and to oppose such unfavorable legislation.
  • To recommend studies of the problems of Agri-business endeavors. 
  • To act as a clearinghouse in the development and coordination of education and research programs to the farmer and rural people of the North Louisiana area.

Anyone with an interest in the agricultural industry is eligible for membership. However, such membership is conditioned upon an affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors and the entire membership will be reviewed annually prior to its annual meeting conducted during the month of May.

Members shall not be required to pay dues, fees and/or assessments of the Corporation unless assessed by its Board of Directors. Each member shall have one vote and all members shall have equal rights and privileges in and to the Corporation.

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