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Horse Breed Extravaganza

A Wonderful Exhibition of Horses and Horsemanship!

Plus, horse-shoeing demonstrations and exhibit by farrier Daniel Sharp!

Contact for more information:

Dr. Laura Gentry
Ph: (318) 257-3275

Breeds On Display

Andalusian (1)

Arabian (2)

Belgian (1)

Clydesdales (4)

Freisan (1)

Freisan Sport Horse (1)

Gypsy Vanner (1)

Hanoverian/Thoroughbred Cross (1)

Holsteiner (1)

Mini Donkey (2)

Mustang (1)

Paint Horse (1)

Percheron (1)

Pet Miniature Horses (3)

Quarter Horse (1)

Show Miniature Horses (2)

Tennessee Walking Horse (1)

Thoroughbred (1)

Thoroughbred (1)

Thoroughbred Racehorse (1)

War Horse (1)

Times & Exhibitors

2:30-2:40PM, Friday, Parade of Breeds

2:40-3:00PM, Friday, Holly Cook-Dressage

3:10–3:30PM, Friday, Cory Bourque-Mustang

3:40–4:00PM, Friday, Leeann Sticker-Driving Minis

4:10–4:40PM, Friday, Daniel Sharp-Farrier

4:50–5:00PM, Friday, Parade of Breeds

9:30–9:40AM, Saturday, Parade of Breeds

9:40–10:00AM, Saturday, Padg Bolton-Reining

10:10–10:30AM, Saturday, Cory Bourque-Mustang

10:40–11:00AM, Saturday, Leeann Sticker-Driving Minis

11:10–11:30AM, Saturday, Lee Sistrunk–Arabian

11:40AM–12:40PM, Saturday, Daniel Sharp-Farrier

12:40–1:00PM, Saturday, Covenant Farm Kids–Jumping

1:10–1:30PM, Saturday, Holly Cook–Dressage

1:40–2:00PM, Saturday, Cissy Floyd–Gypsy Vanner

2:10–2:30PM, Saturday, Leeann Sticker–Driving Minis

2:40–3:00PM, Saturday, Cory Bourque–Mustang

3:10–3:30PM, Saturday, Daniel Sharp–Farrier

3:40–3:50PM, Saturday, Parade of Breeds